Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jaxin's 4th Birthday

Today is Jaxin's 4th Birthday.

It has been 4 beautiful years that this
little boy has been changing our lives.

I am so honored and blessed that I was chosen to be his Madrina (Godmother). It has been such a gift.

As soon as he woke up this morning "Is my party ready?". This kid has been non-stop asking when people are going to "sing at him" and give him presents. It's adorable. His party is tomorrow -- I can't wait to see the crazy that is going down for that. I  think this year he finally gets that it's a day all about him!

This is how this morning went down.

7:20am - we are awake - Andrew is at work - so I am solo with Olive and Jaxin.

7:48am - the task of breakfast is still attempted.

7:56am - his dad calls - to sing him Happy Birthday - Jaxin cannot focus because they are not on face-time.

8:00am - face-time with his Dad and Megan -- singing Happy Birthday

So far a success......

Olive has eaten, Jaxin is still milking his yogurt -- he is semi-focusing on the call. The call is about to end because they have to go to work and Jaxin is saying bye.  I take over the call and talk to my brother about how things are going. Pan to Olive --- she has gotten into the dog food - again. I put the phone down - my brother is laughing - "I've told you not to eat the dog food" - clearly a phrase said more than 15 times to this 12 month old. Now she is mad at me that I have taken the dog food from her. Jaxin has tripped over his own two feet - and the yogurt has taken a hit. The spoon is now somewhere under the couch. Jaxin is now crying because he "meeds his spoon". Of course he does. Olive now has my phone and is attempting to face-time with my brother.

I have now said goodbye to my brother and found the spoon, set Jaxin back up and we are good.

Jaxin asks for some milk - sure no problem. I grab his pediasure - shake it put it down. Grab his cup. I have clearly forgotten that a.) I have already shaken this and b.) I have also unscrewed the top. Now I have milk all over me - the floor - and a 4 year old demanding his milk. I take my fit-bit off -- can't get that wet.

Milk is served - cleaning the mess. Olive is cranky - nap time. Okay good - one is going down. Meanwhile I have been pacing back and forth - now trying to figure out where my fit-bit is so I get credit for all of my steps. It's in the laundry basket? Why? Olive - obviously. Jaxin has finished his yogurt! Where's my phone? Ah, yes, the toy box again. Perfect. Oh Olive is crying again, false alarm on that nap time. And the Jaxin --  "Nina - I need your phone to play temple run." . Sure, no prob.


Has this morning been wild? Yes. I love every second that I get to have these two drive me crazy. I wouldn't be me without them. Jaxin was a surprise baby. Born 7 weeks early via c-section. Since day one - keeping us on our toes. He has brought so much love to our family. He has brought me such healing. Every time I look at him - I remember how blessed I am. He is learning more every day - he is such a beautiful, smart, and amazing boy. I cannot thank my brother, Jayce and his mother, Devin, enough. You both have no idea how happy, honored and blessed I feel being able to call this beautiful boy my Godson. 

Happy 4th Birthday Jaxin! 
I love you more than I could ever express in words!