Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15th - Light a candle for those too beautiful for earth

The month of October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month & Oliver's birthday month.

On Facebook today, scrolling through all of the different posts of those supporting those who have lost, I cam across a comment. It has since been deleted, but was along the lines of

Isn't it bad enough that they lost their babies, 
do they need a whole month to dwell and wallow in pain.

Comments like this prove why we need to spread awareness. The comments after that were flooded with protective mama's, those who have lost, those who haven't, those who have friends who have lost. It was so empowering to see all of these women support each other. 

Oliver is no longer here on earth with me. I can't celebrate his life every morning in the same way I do with his beautiful little sister Olive. Every morning she wakes up, every second she is in my arms, with every picture I post of her, I celebrate her life. With every scream his big cousin Jaxin makes, every ounce of his toddler attitude, every amazing new feat, we celebrate his life. This month is to spread awareness to those we have lost, to show those around us, that yes, we have lost our babies, but whether they were here only in the womb or a short time in our arms, we should celebrate their lives. 

No life is too short to celebrate. 
These tiny babies - have made an impact on our lives and those around us. 
These tiny babies - have changed our world. 
These tiny babies - have brought us more love than we could have imagined. 

Take a moment tonight, light a candle and celebrate those babies that were too beautiful for earth. Whether it is your own baby or someone close to you who has lost. Make it a point to reach out and say their name and celebrate their life. Let these babies bring you love and warmth. 

Tonight I pray for all of those mothers and fathers that have lost their baby. I pray for strength, healing and guidance. I pray that all of us find a way to celebrate their life more often. 

I love you Oliver - you have changed my world, and for that I am forever blessed.